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 Fast facts about the 1906-S peso ----- embosed

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PostSubject: Fast facts about the 1906-S peso ----- embosed   Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:18 pm

Hello to my fellow members!!!

I'm here again to contribute my knowledge regarding the most popular, the most controversial issue regarding the 1906-S peso of U.S. Philippine territorial coinage. Here are the following fast facts:
1) Of the 201,000 pieces that was officially minted for the 1906-S peso, only about 1,000 pcs. had been released in circulation.
2) It was estimated by a leading numismatist Ray Czahor that the number of survival is about 750 pieces.
3) Most of the surviving pieces are harshly cleaned due to a previous wealthy Filipino numismatist who tried to cleaned them all.
4) Counterfeits such as cast, die struck or altered dates exist in huge quantities are found almost everywhere.
5) The first check points for a genuine 1906-S is the straight serif "1" . But beware of a shaven curved serif 1.
6) The second check points is below the serif of the "1" which had a very small protrution when magnified under 10X loupe.
7) The third check points is the number "9" which the genuine pieces have a larger and rounder knob.
Cool The fourth checkpoints is the number "0" which the upper inner loop to the right of the 0 is straight rather than oval.
9) The fifth checkpoints is the number "6" which the knob is slightly in teardrop shape rather than round.
10) The sixth checkpoints is the die crack line below the right side of the eagle's wing just above the three stick of the arrows.
11) Check points number 6 is only applicable if the mintmark "S" is lying on the 7th denticles count starting the "1" of 1906.
12) If the "S" mintmark is lying between 6/7 denticles, then die crack line is not found below the eagle's right wing.
13) Meaning there is two types of die variety found in the 1906-S peso.
14) Be very suspicious if the coin weight is below 26.8 grams. Altered dates usually fall in this category due to heating.
15) If the weight is about 26 grams or less, then it is an obvious cast counterfeit. Pitting is visible even to a naked eye.
16) Check for the edge. If the reeding is too weak or too sharp to be perfect then put your own conclusion.
17) Also, check for the surface color of the coin. If its unnaturally toned or surface had been altered, be very suspicious.
18) The highest recorded certified mint state condition for a 1906-S peso is MS-62.
19) Some less popular grading service such as PCI had graded a counterfeit altered date 1906-S recently.
20) Always remember that PCGS and NGC won't certify a problem coin such as a cleaned 1906-S peso even if its rare.
21) 1906-S peso is the most popular rare coin in the Philippines although the number of surviving pieces are still numerous.
22) The popularity is so controversial that even U.S. collectors starts to collect them and paid huge some of money.
23) Below are some attachments of a genuine specimen versus counterfeit pieces for you to compare. Happy hunting!

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PostSubject: Re: Fast facts about the 1906-S peso ----- embosed   Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:06 am

In the last Month somebody offers me an 1906 S in normal Condition. After checking the Points here i know now its fake but watch you self.


Thanks for the Tips that saves me big money

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PostSubject: Re: Fast facts about the 1906-S peso ----- embosed   Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:42 am

admin, thanks for the tip! if someone also offered me a 1906 peso i'll know what to watch out for.
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PostSubject: Re: Fast facts about the 1906-S peso ----- embosed   Sat Jul 16, 2011 9:57 am

The Administrator's comments are helpful, and we should thank him. However, comparing the genuine and counterfeit examples, the fake is still difficult to properly identify, except under ideal conditions. Conclusion: BE CAREFUL when buying.

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PostSubject: CAN YOU TELL IF THIS ONE IF THIS IS FAKE? 1906-S   Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:36 am

I have 2 1906-s coins but this is in the best shape and the 6 hangs low. Sorry won't let me post link but I can sent it to anyone in a email if that helps.
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PostSubject: Re: Fast facts about the 1906-S peso ----- embosed   

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Fast facts about the 1906-S peso ----- embosed
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