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 Philippine BSP news.

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PostSubject: Philippine BSP news.   Tue May 31, 2011 8:46 am

Just posting.
Since that there are increasing write up in BSP and BSP related to propose bill and legislation to coins banknote and other info. and other data for reference affecting the economy and coins in circulation.
Not included trade or weight and measure just BSP.

Just curious as a song of beth medler or richie rich with magnifying glass just taking a closer look of development in BSP.


In the past it was 100,000 now 500,000 pesos.






Its in the news in the past that BSP is last to increase in the region.
Other country keep their interest same or low one example is BOE.
Higher the interest,higher interest for the savers,or higher profit for the lender and higher payment for the borrower 5 years or long term loan,tubong lugaw o tabo just a comment still the wages is still low,just paying the interest but not the loan itself,it meant devaluation of currencies by high interest rate and low wages,low wages or in the bottom is not easily get a loan or utang,hardship.

This is next circle again.
Just fixed the BSP interest rate to 1 percent.
Hope ther is a multi graph or multi scale for all indicators to see where or what weigh more and when,or to see if they are all parallel or proportion to each other at same time.



Peso advance in more spending,maybe for high minimum wages and then collect the tax.


Just read somewhere in the internet in the past that a merchant ship before it go to shore in the Philippine that they will allow locals several days to prepare to gather payments for goods in the ship.


Utah accept gold and silver.


Standard,barometer,scale,measure that will go to coin metal history in silver and gold coinage,products and services is much more worth than silver and gold coinage,in this time that all major currencies are positioning themselves how much more we are going to scale a currencies of low metal and full fiat and most of the countries in the world are in debt or bailout,if the government can manipulate gold and silver coinage with a standard measure how much more in our times,they can manipulate everything its better to protect ones own place unless someone overwhelming tied your hand,just a comment.


It should be Landbank of the Philippines to increase its fund,unless all government employee will have a landbank card for their salary,insurance,etc or OFW will bank on it at least it is government owned and hope it will stay in the Philippine,does not mean that all savings will be spent,money loan will be coming from new deposit circle ikot ikot pero may pundo.

To loan there are big farmers and land owners,there are small farmers and tenants,the tenants is not the owner,the owner is higher so tenants cant make the land collateral to banks or multinational bank we are not selling our farmland foreigner are we???and the owner cant sell the land until there is tenant.


Its the money accumulated through savings of banks in one country and sold and auction to those interested????and payed by interest they are not selling just piece of paper back by the government out the tax payers or citizen just in case the government or BSP will default due to mass buying or cornering of bond market by speculators,gold coin bond with itemized number for buyer coming from BSP mint with 10 percent top up or cap to be stored in BSP vault at least it is physically represented and itemized and safe keeping and vaulted with out storage fee with addition fee for insurance under PDIC.if gold will go down or up its there or they can have an option to pay interest of IOU banknote if both parties will agree but gold will stay in BSP for future dealings only banknote will circulate,just like in salary in ATM its there, physically have to withdraw it,just a comment.

Since 60s pa infrastructure na.
For private contractor then for privatization in return double debt for Philippine loan from JICA and debt for private contractor or latter own to the private owner??
Just invite,japan for strength for multiple layer tube if they encounter faultline,france artistic,germany precision,UKGB artistic and precision,Philippine combination of all???,(underground train can serve many purpose) all of them in developing train and infrastructure in the Philippine PPP 60/40 in profit Philippine use the pork barrel for 60/40 investment under pncc and housing under NEDA Japan,France and UKGB have records in making under water tunnel hope they can make it multiple layer about budget????,or they can do much better what thacher did in her times in mining oil in ukgb.
Very very tricky.

HK,no fish rate please.

Project to for irrigation too for farmers and flood safety.

Or extension for fish pen with no fish pen just fish so that they can breath and live.

Credit card problems others are good into it others are worst or hook into it.
Some banks who have financial difficulties retrieving payments offer financial advice after the problem is already there to late or after payment for long time with high interest and high credit limit,responsibility of banks or card holder or lender or borrower or both???then default or other solution,basic have some criteria permanent job basic pay maybe credit card payable in one year with low interest for minimum paid worker, basic pay per year take home/2 maximum limit payable for one year low interest,maybe credit card with savings and double your credit in one card just a comment,that BSP interest rate for inflation,inflation for credit card interest,auto loan and mortgage,,profit for bankers gamble in stock market gone like a bubble,wages depreciating to zilt just a comment.

I thought the more you pay bonds and national debt the more peso go stronger or adjustment,inflation or going to developed be a developed country or stating a clean slate with much more stronger currency the reverse will be the euro debt crisis in other euro zone default on bonds and out in bond market and a international currency will be in question,just a comment.
Opening the Philippine market for foreign investor that both have a common ground,how can be a common ground when peso will be stronger to every currency they will inject.


The more the inflation or interest rate the more the profit the more they will buy bonds,the more they will pay national debt and other debt the more they will upgrade the credit ratings of the Philippine????
Dollar,Euro,Yen,Yuan currency use for trade,more likely Philippine is coming as a trader for other international currency,US can physically ship those misprinted US 100 dollar bills and convert and exchange it with peso and invest in PPP,those with creasing problem that is lock in federal bank in US so that each countries have there own position in the Philippine,just a comment


Among one of the stable,hope others will observe what is the lowest currency bill or banknote that come out in the ATM maybe 3rd lowest denomination from six denomination,it is nice if they can withdraw 20 pesos the lowest denomination beside 100 and 500 peso,if they can withdraw 20 peso and can buy a lot with fixed inflation or interest rate that we can say that peso is stable and strong even it is not an international reserve currency.




How about transparency loans from IMF and other multinational banks???

just posting.
Further studies,most of private banks are in the stock market dont know public owned and controlled banks and financial institution owned by the Philippines government,if there is any problems at least BSP dont bail out private banks then get funds from tax payers but depositor of private banks loss,what happen when BSP losses who will bail them out or where they will get funds,IMF or other multi national banks in expense of Filipino people through hardship.
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Philippine BSP news.
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